Visual indication of default label/status

I’d say, nothing fancy. Perhaps just a bold line and a small button at the bottom to establish which status or label line is default.

Or what about just the first one in the list? You could just drag the one you want as default to the top of the list. I think this would make more sense (and be easy to implement :slight_smile: ).

That would do. A little unconventional, but it also MakesSense; and easy is good. :slight_smile:


Well, you can like all you want. :slight_smile: We’ll see. Right now, I prefer the easier solution. :slight_smile:



This forum is indeed a forum for user wishes. It is also where I shall tell users whether or not I am likely to implement their wishes. I try to answer every suggestion, but perhaps I should not. And in this case, I thought about your suggestions, mulled over whether I would take the easier solution or go with a little more work and the solution that AmberV and you preferred, and in the end I spent a most of this evening - after coming home from my day job - working on the solution YOU wanted:

Please note that beta 2 introduced chapter selection in the Export Draft sheet - another of your suggestions, made in the Wish List forum, that I spent a lot of time implementing, because I liked it. I also added word and character count to the outliner columns - I believe you were a very vocal supporter of this idea, too. I could go on. So please do not make it sound as though I not value user (ie. your) suggestions.

And please don’t take everything so personally; it is not meant so.


Wow, Maria. German, Japanese, AND English. I can read a bit of German, speak a little French, get by reading Attic Greek and Latin. But speaking and writing, that’s another thing entirely! :slight_smile:


Hi Maria. Yes, you are right of course. It’s quite common for Europeans to speak several languages. I’m very envious of this, since I love languages.

Ha. No, my thesis doesn’t use Latin or Greek all that much. I studied both because I love them, not because it was really needed. Though my graduate program at Princeton required Latin. If I had studied classics as a major, I think I would have done something with Greek literature for sure. Being in philosophy and ethics, my thesis is more in line with those interests. And I’m almost done! My advisor wrote me about my final chapter and congratulated me on it. It’s acceptable as is, though of course he has some recommendations for revisions. (don’t they always)

Sorry for getting off topic. The default label idea looks really, really good, btw. This program just keeps getting better and better. All these details are really sharpening it up!