visual indicator-link between binder and corkboard/

If wish there was a visual link between the binder and the corkboard (in its various view options), so that if we click a portion in the corkboard, this correlates to a similar visual indicator in the binder.

e.g. now, when we click on a card in the corkboard, that card becomes rimmed with a blur rim. What I’m suggesting is that the same item in the binder should also have a colour identificator to show that that is the item being worked on.

Why do we need this?

Because binders tend to get really detailed, i.e. lots of folders, sub folders, etc. etc. To get the big picture, we go to the corkboard and use cards. But we also need a way to go from big-picture to small-picture. We need to see where we are in the whole scheme of things, i.e. we need to know that what we are clicking in the corkboard corresponds to where in the binder.


Thanks for the suggestion, although I’m afraid I disagree - this could get very cluttered very soon as you would then also need binder indicators for every QuickReference panel and suchlike.

This is exactly what Reveal in Binder is for, though - if you are working in the corkboard, simply ctrl-click a card and select “Reveal in Binder” from the contextual menu to see where that card is in the binder. This is the established norm for this sort of thing (you get “Reveal in Finder” in Xcode, for instance, or “Show Enclosing Group” in the Finder).

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Oh, I see see. That’s great! Any chance of more video tutorials that explain these nuanced features? :laughing: