Visual Markers in Binder???

I have had this software for a couple of years (Mac) now but it wasn’t until the Windows beta version was made available that I began using it in earnest. I am in the middle of quite a long project with several items (chapters) in the Binder. As I chunk information into the chapters I was wondering if there was some marker I could put on the item that would show in the binder that the topic had been addressed; a colour code, small symbol, anything.

I know I can change the status in the Meta-Data section to first draft but that information does not show up in the binder.

Thanks in advance.

BTW what got me excited about the program was the Kindle book that described how the author uses Scrivener to write. His most important suggestion was to use only what you need in the program. Great advice and it got me over my obsessive need to understand everything about it before I did any serious work in it.

You can turn on View>Use Label Color In>Binder, then use the labels to categorize your documents and it will be visible in the binder. The next release will also have an option to use the color in the icon, which will likewise be visible in the binder but is more subtle than having a whole color stripe across the document title.

Symbols or text codes also work nicely for this, if you’re not going to compile the titles for those documents (or if you’re willing to do some clean up after you do compile). This gives you a second thread of information, if you use it in combination with labels–e.g. maybe you’ve got two viewpoint characters, so you title documents starting with the character’s initial (“R: Finding the body”, “K: Taking the case”) and then use labels to denote your writing/revision status.


I knew there must be something. The colour stripe is very visible and your right something more subtle would have been nice.

I appreciate your suggestion of putting a lead character in the titles. Good idea.

Thanks again.