Visual sizing

We have both Mac and Windows versions of Scrivener. I’ve just taken a manuscript created on a Mac laptop and brought it over to a Windows PC. Everything seems, so far, to be OK.

However, there are about 30 chapters in the manuscript. I asked previously about changing the font throughout and the answer I got then has been applied - and works. :smiley:

BUT - the visual size of the font doesn’t seem to be able to be changed throughout the document without me going into each individual chapter, selecting all the text and then changing it by selecting the appropriate sizing e.g. from 1.5x to 1.0x. Surely there’s a way to do this for the whole document?

I’m not sure if I follow you completely. By “sizing 1.5x” you mean line spacing, right?

Anyway, if you want to apply the same format to all documents, try changing the default document properties in Options/ Editor to fit your preferences, then select all documents from the binder/outliner and use Documents/ Convert/ Formatting to default text style.

I think what the OP means, and I have exactly the same question, is how to set the document zoom to the same value for all existing documents. See screenshot.

The zoom is per editor, not per document, so once you set it in the footer you can load any document there and it will use that zoom. You could have a different zoom set in the split editor, but once you change it there it will be remembered for the project.

Gotcha, thx!