Visual Typewriter

Now this thing is a real hoot!

It’s a very basic word processor, that simulates a typewriter on your screen. It even does the key sounds!
You can also select different ‘scenes’; fancy working on a beach at sunset?

Take a look

Sure, but what’s all that ugly blue and green stuff around the edge?

That’s great, but without being able to get the little letter-rods jammed against each other…I’m not so sure.

Does it go ‘ding’ when you reach the end of a line?

That would be…oh wait, No Dear God!

Sorry; didn’t think of that.

I’m one of those weird platform agnostic people you read about in ‘Focus’ … :unamused:

A fun piece of software, whatever the platform…

I ran it under Parallels once – it was good fun. :smiley: (for one session)

As to the platforms, the only reason I use Apple is because of software which Keith and some other folks are developing…

Well, it’s the same here. For me, the most important thing is the applications. I’ll use whatever platform has the best software for the task at hand.

Interesting. I wish I could play with it to see what it is like outside of a screenshot or two. Generally I don’t care for “environment” based applications with tea cups and backgrounds and such. I kind of – already have all of that scattered around on my desk – I just want the paper. :slight_smile: