Visual Understanding Environment (VUE)

Here is an interesting tool, similar in some ways to Tinderbox, perhaps not as sophisticated (so simpler to use), but is an open source project used in academia. Lots of information on the website and an easy-to-follow user guide in wiki form. It took me no time at all to map out a project complete with weblinks and images although I have not made full use of all the functionality. It also integrates with Zotero.

Update: I like the way you can generate keywords from web links using OpenCalais. You can of course assign your own, but it’s a quick way to categorise notes.

Yes: it’s a very interesting research tool - I used it quite a bit for organising historical data in my previous academic life. The official Youtube videos show how powerful it can be as an analysis tool: the data-set, web analysis, layers and RSS features are really very good.

As a tool for helping to organising writing - even academic writing, let alone non-fiction and the creative stuff - I found it a tad clunky and so less useful. I use Scapple and Tinderbox as front-ends for Scrivener, and that triple team seems to me unbeatable for this.

Still - it’s Sunday - and your post has tempted me to open it up again and mooch around a bit …

Dr. Dog,
I see you are using Tinderbox and Scapple as a front end. I’m trying to do the same thing, using Scapple as my “draft” software, but can’t seem to easily export Scapple to Tinderbox for further refinement, hierarchy, etc. Can you tell me if/how you do this?