Voice Recognition compatibility?

Happy February!

I realize that any new version of software development HAS to prioritize. I’m just hoping that… down the road… You will be able to make time to implement compatibility with either/or Windows Voice Recognition or Dragon Naturally Speaking.

This really is the software I’ve been looking for! Until it’s more compatible, I’ll just cut and paste from notepad.

I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium.

… I forgot what else you need to know…

Thanks for your time and effort!


Scrivener Win Beta 0.2.1 works great with Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 here!

I only realized there was Scrivener for Windows today (hurray!), so I did not do a lot of testing yet. But I really cannot confirm the problems reported here in the forum. After the first sentence or so the speed of dictation does not seem to be slower than in Word either.

The only thing that definitely does not work is correcting misspelled words after marking them with the mouse. BUT: Spoken corrections work!! I can say Correct this, or Correct <misspelled_word>, Write this etc. and that works as expected, as in Word. Fully functional, except having to get into the correction window by voice rather than by keyboard command.

My Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz, 2GB system is somewhat underpowered for Dragon 11, so it takes a while to initialize, and to get the first sentence written. But that is the same in Word or Dragon Pad.

Now I am very happy: Scrivener plus Dragon is a dream come true.
Great work! Congratulations and thank you!

Sadly, what I wrote here is not true anymore.

I had not used Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 since then, because it was so slow to load and I did not produce larger amounts of text during that time which made voice recognition necessary.

Now I went back to it, having upgraded to Dragon 11.5 which is much faster to load, a highly recommended update, and obviously a new Scrivener version, now 035.

With this combination, corrections do not work anymore.
You can only dictate into Scrivener, but not correct mistakes, which is essential. So sad.
Back to dictating into DragonPad and copy-and-paste to Scrivener.

Just a quick note to say that compatibility with Dragon SpeakNaturally is on list for future implementation.

That is wonderful to hear!