volunteer to construct tutorial for Scr


this is not really for posting - but you may do so if you wish

if you would be interested and have not already begun to do so (which i would understand while S is still in beta), i would be happy to start work on a draft version of tutorial for S.

it would be good opportunity for me to get to know S better and also to contribute now to it

your call


I would certainly be very grateful to anybody who wanted to contribute towards a tutorial/help files, thank you. :slight_smile: It might even be nice to post anything you have to the Tips & Tricks forum so that people can benefit from it before documentation is properly put together.


ok, then:

rather than others also simultaneously starting, is it ok if i head this effort up and act as liaison between volunteers (it’s fine with me if no one has time and i am only one - i am simply trying to avoid wasted time for all concerned) and KB?

assuming that’s ok, anyone and everyone, please send me your ideas. i am planning for starters to try to adapt keith’s tutorial from SG. i shall also review all email messages about issues that were unclear (e.g., recent posts about notes/annotations).


shall start this week and hope for posting to all within 10 days


Remember the tutorial that comes with Scrivener beta 1… That was my own update of the tutorial that came with SG.

I don’t think that that Scrivener needs another tutorial. The b1 tutorial is a very helpful, interactive, even entertaining introduction to Scrivener’s key features. Apart from some minor editing, it doesn’t need improvement. What Scrivener really needs is a comprehensive help file that explains all the features (including the ones that are currently undocumented) and maybe some tips and tricks as side notes. But since some of the features and interface details will change with b2, it wouldn’t make much sense to start working on it now …

Agreed on both counts. I think it makes sense to wait to revise the tutorial and also see what develops in the Tips and Tricks thread. The tutorial, with some minor revisions and additions, seems to be a really adequate general overview of the program to get people started, and then maybe at some point really detailed usage information, arranged according to features, could be compiled into some kind of help file. I think that would be the time R.'s very generous offer of help would really be needed.

But it would seem, given the degree of changes in beta 2 (and perhaps beyond), to be prudent to wait until the final release. And use the Tips and Tricks section to interact and find solutions for things?

Just a suggestion!


keith et al.,

i must apologize. (as a very dramatic writer friend of mine once said in similar circumstances, I am covered with shame!) i had NO idea there was already a tutorial. i never would have made my suggestion had i known. i must have missed it somehow. must work tomorrow (am ER doc) but shall look for it wednesday.

oh well.

i shall look at it day after tomorrow, assuming i can find it, and remain at the wishes of Scrivener Master and fellow post-ers. however, i agree that if there is already a tutorial by KB it should suffice, with last minute revisions as needed, without any input from me.

but my offer to help in any (other) way i can still stands.


Perhaps, during the beta at least, Scrivener should automatically open the tutorial the first time you run a new version? I’ve seen several people on the forum that had no idea there was any documentation at all.

Maybe I’ll look into adding it to the Help menu.

In case you have not found it, it is in the dmg file. Just mount the file, and take a look inside it. You can then drag it outside the dmg to another location, and then double click to open.


thanks, rick