VoodooPad has a new home at Primate Labs

I used VoodooPad back during its golden age, when it was a passion for Gus and it went from being a simple but elegant little personal wiki to a rather powerful system for storing personal information. Sadly though, as sometimes happens with such projects, Gus moved on to other things (a fantastic little image editor called Acorn) and VoodooPad ended up sold to a development group that never really put a whole lot of time or energy into improving it or even keeping it bug free within the ceaselessly churning environment that Apple has turned the Mac into.

Primate Labs recently acquired VoodooPad and it now has a spiffy new web page to represent it, as well as a new discussion board. On it, they’ve mentioned they have no intention of turning into subscriptionware (whew!) and that their main goal initially is to get it polished up a bit, rather than make any sweeping changes. If you appreciate the current feature set as-is, that might be a reassuring thing to hear.

I look forward to seeing how it all works out, in a casual/curious sort of way. It’s nice to see a classic gem given a second chance.

OMG yes! I used Voodoopad back in the day (a lot of days ago). It was super handy. Glad to see it re-emerge. Thanks for the heads up, Ioa.

I agree with all written above by Jot and AmberV. You only have to look around for a VoodoPad replacement on macOS - as I was doing a month or two back - to see that the world isn’t full of suitable candidates.

For myself, I hope that an early object of the new owner’s attention will be VoodooPad for iOS, where, FWIW, I think there’s considerable scope for extending its functionality.