Vowel marks in Hebrew Font are displaced after compiling

When I compile to Word compatible format 97-2004, the vowels of my SBL Hebrew font are displaced to the left side of their corresponding consonants. When I use RTF they come ok, but I lose all other formatting. Is there a way to solve this?

Hmm, there shouldn’t really be any difference between Word 97-2004 and RTF - that’s strange. Also, RTF should generally be the best format to use, and all formatting should be carried across. What program are you opening the RTF file in?

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If I can chip in here, if I remember rightly, in the past there has been a lot of discussion on the Nisus Writer Pro forum on problems with diacritics, vowelling, etc. in Hebrew. It seems that part of the problems lie in the fonts. It might be worth scouting through the forum to see what is said.

The other place you might look for these issues similarly is the Mellel forum. Both Nisus and Mellel have considerable experience of Hebrew. Mellel uses a proprietary text engine, but Nisus is based on the same Apple text engine as Scrivener.