Wake from sleep issues

The issue:
Twice now I’ve put my macbook to sleep while scrivener was running in the foreground, and when I tried to wake it up again after several minutes (more than 10) the screen would remain black.

The sleep light on the front of the laptop would remain steady, not pulsing as it usually does during sleep, but the keyboard and mouse appeared to be unresponsive.

I forced a shutdown on the laptop and started it back up again. Relaunching Scrivener, I found that the document I had been working on had captured all of the 'space’s, 'return’s, and random keyboard mashing I’d used to try to wake up the computer. So it appeared that it had actually woken up again, but the screen wasn’t coming back up. I’ll try to force it again, and see if hitting my keyboard’s monitor brightness buttons do anything.

This isn’t an issue with Scrivener, but with your MacBook, I’m afraid. I have similar issues with my MBPro on occasion (regardless of whether Scrivener is open or not). You may wish to contact Apple, although I think the sleep issue is fairly harmless and I’m hoping it will be fixed in a future firmware update.
All the best,

I considered that, but it really only happens while scrivener is running (and I don’t run it all that often). I’ll let you know if it happens again.

Well, there’s certainly no reason Scrivener would do this, as it isn’t doing anything strange - or in fact at all - in that department…