Want to get started but -

I can’t get Scrivener to accept my ‘Buy’ request.

I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener - and it’s ideal for my projects.

Now I want to purchase an activation key number.

When I open Scrivener, the normal 'you have 28 days left-- ’ window pops up, offering me ‘Try, Buy Online, Enter Licence’ options. Every time I hit the Buy button, it ignores me! Nothing happens - no window opens, no re-directs - nada!

Likewise if I try to buy via the Help option in the toolbar.

Sorry if this is not the spot to ask, but I can’t find any other Contact route.

Please help me spend my money on your program.


I can’t help you with the odd behaviour of the program (it’s been a while since I purchased my copy, and didn’t have a problem), but I can help you spend your money :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to Scrivener’s product page:

There’s ‘buy now’ link from this page, which will take you to Scrivener’s Esellerate store. Once you purchase via there, you’ll receive a serial number which you can drop into Scrivener via the Register item in the Scrivener menu.

:slight_smile: :smiley: :laughing:

Thanks for the help - though it did mean that Scrivener got the money after all!

If you are ever in Spain, I owe you a coffee. And if you ARE a blacksmith - well, even if not - here’s a gracias from our horses.

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Thanks for buying! Not sure why nothing came up - it’s set to pop open the store page in your default browser. I wonder if it is a problem with your browser settings?