Want to see 5x8 page in editor

I’m a new user, and fairly frustrated with the compile process.

I’ve changed everything to ‘As Is’ to simplify.
I want to compile into 5x8. But when I do, all the pages get weird. The editor pages do not match the compiled 5x8 pages, if that makes sense.One whole page in the editor will be dragged across two compiled pages.

Is there a way to work on 5x8 pages in the editor? So I can see what they’ll look like when they’re compiled?

You can change the dimensions of the editor page with the File -> Page Setup command, and see what the page will look like with View -> Text Editing -> Show Page View.

Note, however, that Scrivener is not a WYSIWYG editor. Page View will give you the best estimate that Scrivener has, but that doesn’t mean it will match the compiled output exactly. Depending on your requirements, you may need to use another tool for final formatting.