Wanted: Blank lines between paragraphs in PDF

I’m using the Non-Fiction format.

When I compile to MOBI or EPUB, every line in a paragraph is flush left, and there is a blank line between paragraphs. This is what I want. When I compile to PDF, lines are flush left, but there is no blank line between paragraphs. Is there any way to fix this?

Now I’m even more confused.

My first novel is indented properly, no blank lines between paragraph. But my second novel, which I’m still working on, is indented like a non-fiction book. All paragraphs are left-justified, with a blank line between paragraphs. I wish I knew why that happened, so I could do it to the textbook I’m working on.

I can to some extent adjust how text looks in Scrivener, but if there’s any way to adjust indentation and paragraph spacing when compiling, I can’t find it.

You can change the way the text any way you want when compiling. The way it looks in the Editor while writing has nothing to do with what it will look like after compiling for output.

Have you done the interactive tutorial found under Help?

You’re going to have to assign your documents’ section type(s) to a section layout (in the compile window) that formats your text the way you want it to. If you can’t figure that out, please post a screenshot of your compile window.

That should be a good start, but please do familiarize yourself (if you haven’t already) with what a “section type” vs. a “section layout”, what the various formats are (the left pane of the compile window is a list of formats), and in general arm yourself with the vocabulary of the application, as the tutorial will help you with, so we’re all speaking the same language.

There’s also a blog post on this site regarding what’s new in v3, which covers how the compile settings changed, in case you’re just now having to learn the differences from version 2’s compile functionallity.