Wanted: "ghost pages" that don't show up in compiled doc?

I have searched around, and I am not sure if this feature exists.

In my *draft folder, I would like to be able to have text pages that do not show up when I compile it. Sort of like “ghost” pages? Is this possible already in Scrivener?

Thank you!
Nancy Jones

*used to say research, meant draft. sorry folks. and thanks for the response!

Nothing in the Research folder will ever appear in the Compiled output, as Compile only uses the Draft folder.

The File -> Compile -> Contents pane lets you choose specific documents to exclude from your output as well.

So yes, this feature already exists.


Instead of deciding this at compile time, you can make any doc a “ghost doc” by choosing that doc in the Binder and in the Inspector pane checking the “do not include in compile” box. Voila! Instant ghost doc!!


P.S. I find it helpful to also tag such docs in such a way that I can visually see right in the Binder that they are non-compile docs. I have the the label-colors-tint-Binder-docs option on, so I just assign a label I made for the purpose that turns the Binder icon a dark grey. (I suppose you could achieve much the same thing by assigning am alt icon to that doc in the Binder.)