Wanted: Multi-level list making

I think my request is pretty simple. I would like for Scrivener to have a much more usable multi-level list making option - more similar to Word’s automatic list/outline making function.You know, ones that look like this:

  1. Introduction
    …a. Punchy first line
    …b. Supporting statement
    …i. citation
    …c. Why this research matters
    …ii. Why I am the right person to do it
    …d. Thesis statement
  2. Theoretical implications
    (etc etc etc, periods used because otherwise the post formats the spaces away)

I use Scrivener for research papers, writing articles, and at the moment to organize my lists for my qualifying exams. Having this feature be automatic as it is in Word (automatic continued numbering, “tab” for the next level) would be very wonderful. :smiley:

Currently, if you use the numbering system and try to “tab”, it turns only into a stream of dashes. :frowning:

Thank you!

Maybe what you are looking for is Scrivener’s outline mode.

If your outline serves for you an organizational function as opposed to a presentational one, then you are in luck.* If you want to /present/ an outline, then probably your outline should be /in/ a document, but if you want to organize by outlining, then your outline may better be thought of as a hierarchy of (folders and) documents. If you look at the Binder with fresh eyes, you will see it is an outline. Scrivener’s outline mode takes that observation and presents that structure in a more traditional outline-ish way and with dedicated ways to indent, outdent, etc.


  • Not to say that you are out of luck otherwise, but just that what I am about to suggest is aimed toward the organizational function.