Wanted: Proofreader / Copyeditor with Scrivener expertise

I have a number of larger projects that I would really like expert eye of a professional to look at (for a fee, of course). I would very much prefer NOT to compile to Word at this stage in the projects. Does anyone have any recommendations for proofreaders and/or copyeditors who work proficiently in Scrivener?

maybe you will have better luck than I did, I posted on may 1st asking for help. I think the days of neighbours helping “raising a barn” are over…good luck.

There are a number of reasons why you might struggle to get a response.

Firstly, professional proofreaders tend to get their work through established channels, and if they’re any good are likely to have more than enough work on.

Secondly, there’s a big ‘x’ factor in taking on work through random solicitations rather than through ‘gatekeepered’ industry referrals. There’s a big difference between copy editing a well-drafted professional piece and going through a piece of work with basic errors splattered throughout. Both the above posts have errors in them, which suggest that a higher than average effort would be needed.

Thirdly, proofreaders will have an established work flow. Even if Scrivener savvy, it’s likely to involve working outside of the programme. I proofread my own work outside of Scrivener, for example.

Fourthly, this is a less-travelled part of the website, and most of the people here are more writers than proofreaders. Most people won’t have engaged with proofreaders in the past, let alone be in a position to comfortably recommend one.

Fifthly, you post nothing about your work to suggest it’ll be interesting to read and therefore might engage someone’s interest. You don’t even mention if it’s fiction or non-fiction, for example.

I tried to publish my “hiring” request on Upwork, but I didn’t find anyone. I have also sent an email to Louise Harnby (louise (at) louiseharnbyproofreader (dot) com, She’s a proofreader, writer and editor, so I thought she could help me with my dystorian stories.

I’m not sure whether she works with Scrivener though. Lisa Zahn (a coach and editor) is one more option.