Warning before closing application

Perhaps I missed the option, but I could not find (and it would be nice to have) a way to turn on a warning prompt that pops up the message, “Are you sure?” before exiting the Scrivener application.

I’m curious why you feel this option would be useful? By default the software will reload whatever you closed it on, and there is no need to save as that is automatically done whenever you shut down, so this type of periodic mistake is nearly instantly and 100% recoverable. You say oops, and three seconds later you are right back where you were, cursor in the same spot.

Actually, it’s not necessarily just 3 seconds later: I set the option to perform a backup on close. So it can take some time to get back to where I was. Not the worst thing in the world, just annoying. Anyway, it would be nice to have a prompt. 8)

Ah, yeah if you have larger projects it can take a bit longer to reverse a mistake, that’s true. I tend to keep most of the bulk outside of the project and keep it as much text-only as possible, so I’m used to it just backing up instantly. I don’t know though, it always bothers me when software pesters me about whether I want to do things I just did. The only feasible way to do this is have it run once the first time anyone installs it, with a checkbox to dismiss it from that point on if they wish. Having a dedicated switch in settings would be a bit much clutter I think. We’ll give it some thought, but I can’t promise anything.

Please implement an option to verify the decision to quit. I often quit Scrivener accidentally when using dual monitors, so having a fail-safe dialogue appear would be ideal.

I had this problem years ago – different circumstance. My solution was to change Scrivener’s quit key command to ⌥⌘Q.

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That’s a great work-around, so I’ll definitely use that until the option to confirm gets hard-coded. Thanks!