Warning: External Folder sync needs new folder if upgrading to Scrivener 3

IF you’re upgrading from Scriv 2 to Scriv 3 AND you convert an existing project AND that project uses External Folder Sync THEN

You’ll need to re-setup your external folder sync to use a different folder. This is because (as I found to my sorrow) external folder sync has had its file naming conventions changed. Not only that, but also all the file ID numbers are changed when the project is converted, so the wrong files are connected.

This means that I have to change all my automation scripts. It also means that, as in Ghostbusters, the streams get crossed if you try to sync a Scriv 3 project with its old Scriv 2 external folder. I would suggest that you folder sync your old project one last time in Scrivener 2 before you open it with Scrivener 3. And check automation scripts.

The problem is that internally we have entirely done anway with simple serial numbers, which is what the old folder sync feature used for binding files to binder items. Internally everything now has a UUID, which is much better in a modern sync-happy world than simply counting up from 1.

But yeah, it meant “421” is now “3CF0D542-FAF6–4648–8EDE–9FF38A38D3D3” or whatever. We’re using a basic ID map to keep file names readable in folder sync, but those have nothing to do with the old ID numbers.

Thus the only safe option was to change the naming scheme so that the one wouldn’t trample on the other and potentially make a huge mess.

That’s good advice to do one last sync with v2 before upgrading.

No kidding. AND restart External Folder Sync with a new folder. I’m trying to sort three different copies of each (external folder) synced file so as to have a clean base case. Bleah.