Warning re malware?

Actually, I guess I have two questions. They might or might not be related.

1: My version of the interactive tutorial is missing some pages. (That is, a few of the pages are empty.) This was not always the case. Does anyone know how this could have happened?

2: When I discovered that a few pages of the tutorial were empty, I decided to try to remedy that by uninstalling and then reinstalling Scrivener. I opened the Windows Control Panel, opened up the Programs list, and clicked on Scrivener to uninstall it. My firewall (Comodo) reacted with a pop-up warning me of a very ‘dangerous’ bit of malware supposedly embedded in the Uninstall file. The warning I received was .Heur.Suspicious@1. The malware is supposedly in Scrivener\uninstall.exe .

Does anyone have any wisdom or words of advice? I’ve seen hints online that this might be a false positive, but I’m reluctant to take any chances.

It’s probably a false positive, but you should run a full sweep when you get a chance just to make sure.

Meanwhile, re-installing the software won’t do anything to alter the tutorial. When you set that up, it saved as a normal project to a location that you specified. I’m not sure where that is, since it is up to you, but it might be in My Documents. Just trash that, and then use the Getting Started section to make a fresh copy.

AmberV, thank you very much for your help. I’ve done a full scan and nothing turned up. Following your advice, I downloaded a new tutorial with all the requisite pages. I seem to be back in business. Thank you again. :smiley: