Warning when backup doesn't work

My programme have done backups everytime I close the project. However, they haven’t been saved, as the location in the backup settings does not exist. I guess I must have imported settings from another computer, and at the same time copied the location for my backups.

It would be great if Scrivener could warn me if the backups cannot be saved! It is virtually impossible to know that no backups have been made otherwise. Especially as it looks completely normal in Scrivener, the programme spends some time working on the backup.

I would definitely call this a bug. Scrivener (3.1.1) forces you to select an existing folder for the backup location, but if that location later goes away, Scrivener gives no warning that the backup folder is not valid and that backups will fail because the target location no longer exists.

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Thanks. Yes, I guess the programme normally would warn when the chosen backup location does not exist. It is very useful to be able to save and import settings, but the backup setting is normally not one I would ever want to import, as it is important to have full control over.

I’m not sure when this behaviour changed, because Scrivener did previously in 3.0 give an error message when a backup failed, but now it seems to be falling back on the default %LOCALAPPDATA%\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener\Backups location to create the backup if the custom location is not available. So I will look into that, since even if it’s going to do that we still need a message alerting users to the problem and where the backup can be found. But meanwhile, you can go to that AppData location in File Explorer to find the automatic backups made when your preferred location was unavailable.

I see. But that folder does not exist that I can see (I’ll have another look). I think that it is the wrong name of the user (might Scrivener just have guessed based on my name?). It was a user name I had on an older computer, that is why I thought it might have been imported.

When I click “Open backup folder” it tells me it does not exist.

Luckily I made a manual backup the day before…

Since the Options in Scrivener still show the custom path where backups should be made (and will be, if it is available), the “Open” button there still tries to go to that path. I’ve made a note of this in writing up the report on the issue, that we do want to add a way for users to go directly to this backup location if the custom one isn’t working and Scrivener’s falling back on the default.

That default path would come from your Windows setup, so uses whatever your Windows account name is. AppData is hidden on Windows by default, however, so the easiest way to access it is to enter the path directly into the File Explorer address bar and hit Enter.

Try copying and pasting this to File Explorer: %LOCALAPPDATA%\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener\

That ought to open Scrivener’s folder in your user AppData, and there you may see several other folders, depending on what features you’ve used (custom Project Templates, for instance, or a custom word list of words added to the spell check dictionary). You should see a Backups folder, and in that ought to be the missing automatically-made backups. Does that work for you?

Oh, yes, I can see the backups there! Very tricky, as the hidden folders are not included in a search in the File explorer. I searched for “backup” and didn’t find anything.

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