[Was] Fullscreen mode, multi-monitor and changing items

Gee Amber, this seems familiar.

Cece, Please note the following in my post preceding your last reply.

This is not a matter of “sustained thought” as some of us have “thought” quite a bit about evolution and, as carradee and I both suggest, the issue is not natural selection as is evidenced in the link you provided. My response to the evidence of selective nature of genetics is “yep”.

While I will not hold myself up as a person who is very smart or very good at communicating, I might suggest that you take a look at the long discussion that I, AmberV, and a few others had about this earlier this year.

While I do not expect that you will view anything differently relative to the origin of “things”, you might discover that not all people of faith, particularly christian faith, are unthinking buffoons with no ability to understand the basic concepts of science. Even the dumb ones like me frequently take the time to figure things out for ourselves.