Was it really...

slightly over two years ago that I threw caution to the winds and began using Scrivener 3 Beta 7? I can’t believe that I’ve been using the new software since then, with nary a glitch that I couldn’t find a solution to in the forums, or, more likely, solved with an update.

Of course, I couldn’t pat everyone on the back without whining and sniveling at least once. There is something about the elegant interface of the old version that I still find appealing, even after two years of software separation. On the other hand, I’ve gotten to use a perfectly reliable piece of software free for those two years, so there’s that.

Great job, Literature & Latte. Carry on, regardless.

I’m with you. I bought version 1 years ago and it was fantastic. I’ve written two articles using the Beta releases and I find them to be perfectly fine for my needs. Although I’m hungry for the main release of V3, I suspect I personally won’t really notice much difference from the very stable Beta versions I’ve already been using. Scrivener has really helped my writing and I’m thankful not to have to depend on MS word. :smiley: