Was wondering if this would work well with Scrivener.

Thinking about getting a iPad. Was going to use Pages for my word processor while writing my novel on the go. Could anyone please tell me how well Pages will suit my needs if my intent is to sync it with my Imac’s copy of Pages and then load in Scrivener and vice versa back to the iPad for on the go work. New to Scrivener so any input would be appreciated. Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance.


Of all the word processors out there, the one that plays worst with Scrivener is Pages. So …

There are others out there better qualified to advise, but what I’ve picked up from these forums is that if you go for an iPad, the SimpleNote/Notational Velocity/whatever sync to Scrivener through Dropbox — if you’re lucky enough not to live behind the Great Firewall of China! — seems to be the most popular route for working between the two hardware forms.


You may pick up a lot of information from the several iPad threads in the forum.

You can certainly use the iPad to write notes that synch with Scrivener.
Recommended apps are Index Card, Plaintext, and/or SimpleNote.
All of them synchronize with DropBox, and from there to Scrivener.
Then, work in Scrivener until the late stages, before RTF or DOC export to Pages.
In final formatting, Pages is excellent for preparing an MS for submission.
But Mark is right, don’t get Pages involved too early in the process.