*waves vigourously*

Hello - I am new here.

My name is Sebastian, I’m from South London and I write poems and songs, and I’m an A-Level student too (I pay most attention in Theatre [which I shall hopefully be doing at University next September] and Photography).

How is everyone?
Who’s the one that bites?

Are there any cookies lying about?

Lots of Love


We are generally good spirited, although sometimes we are grumpy for reasons that we don’t even understand or have control over.

Avoid vic-k unless you know what you are doing. Biting is the least of his “issues”.

Cookies are all gone. Wock ate them all, and Pink is a bit upset that she didn’t get her share. Keith would like someone to bake more so he has something to eat while working on the latest round of “weird leopard issues” for Alexandria. If you aren’t careful Bob might question the true nature of cookies and bring into doubt the existence of such a sate of matter. Vic-k will march everyone below decks once new cookies arrive and threaten us with walking the plank simply because he can. But rest assured, AmberV will come along and put vic-K in his place and distribute the cookies equitably amongst the crew.

We all have a good time here and there are a large number of regulars from around the world that are not mentioned. We all have a good time look forward to getting to know you.

Seriously though, watch out for that vic-k guy. you never know what he might do.


I was devastated to miss the first round of cookies, but being a mother, and having found the recipes in that secret file in my G5, I am now planning a “bake cookies and pretend I am involved in my children’s wellbeing” day before I scoff them all for myself.

I am in South London too, although not known for paying attention in anything. I did photography at uni too.

Vic can bite, but it’s more like slobbering. I have a pair of shoes that will never be the same again. He also wears an apron and probably brown house shoes. If he’s allowed.

Welcome to the forum it’s both inspiring and addictive! And the mix of people is always entertaining and thought provoking.

Does this MBP make my spacebar look fat?

Welcome Sebbi to the Scrivener community!

Team Keith is excellent at Tech support and there are others that have insightful ideas as well. Myself I am excellent at butchering every known spelling and grammar law ever conceived. Ask Pink for more cookies as she has discovered her new secret OSX recipe :slight_smile:

As for Vic-k, he doesn’t bite really, more like brandishes his old rusty pirate saber and duels in wit while swing his bottle of Jamison. Yarrrrrggghhhh!

If I eat all the cookies again follow these steps

(1) Go to your finder.
(2) Under the GO menu select GO TO FOLDER (shift + Command + G)
(3) now type this in exactly and click GO


scroll down to COOKIES and follow the directions. :slight_smile:

South London eh?

Never been to England (USA) but I live in THE SOUTH

you know, collards, fat back, butter bisquits, and Sweet tea served in large jars with a half pound of sugar, a pound of ice, and lemon on the side.

Ah yes and the Y’all drawl is apparent.

Glad to have you aboard and glad to here you are doing good in your studies. Pull up a chair and learn how to procrastinate and distract.



A most cordial welcomed aboard The Good Ship Scrivener. A vessel on board which lunacy in endemic; bad spelling and bad punctuation are rife and syntactical deviance is manifold.

Oscillating effortlessly and seamlessly, twixt reality, the absurd and the surreal will become as natural to you as breathing, believe me.

Vic-k doesnt bite anyone, and never has. Im the one that bites…given the chance. Mind you, chance would be a fine thing these days. I`m his inner demon. I can be sensed(a sudden chill in the air, perhaps), but not seen. Unless I am caught in Ultraviolet light, in which case I am spectral/skeletal in appearance

Le Directeur

Greetings Sebbi

I can offer you a very tidy suit of Vic-k-proof armour at an exceptionally low rate. I’m loath to admit it, but fitting my ample girth within its folds has now become an impossible task (Wock didn’t get all the cookies). :blush:

I don’t think I need any help learning THAT! Procrastination and distraction and practically my stock-in-trade.

Sounds like I’ll be right at home!

I may take you up on that - we’ll see.

goes and searches for Cookie recipe