Way to disable fonts?

Hi is there a way to disable fonts and formatting almost entirely? Im constantly copying and pasting from other sources and its killing me getting the fonts the same so it doesn’t offend my eye! I know Ulysses does it but I much prefer Scrivener!

For copying and pasting, just use Paste and Match Style if you don’t want the original formatting. (No, there’s no way of disabling fonts entirely, as Scriv is a rich text app.)

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I’m a happy user of Scrivener but this font issue is frankly driving me nuts :frowning:

I’m also copying a lot of links and other texts from websites into my documents and while I don’t mind their formatting being different than my own text I don’t particularly like the fact that the default font changes with each pasted item. Everything I type after the pasted text automatically has the same formatting as the pasted text…

Is there a quick way to revert to the default font after pasting?

Thanks in advance!

That’s normal and standard for all rich text systems. When you type, the typing takes the formatting of the previous text. It’s the same in Word, Pages, OpenOffice, TextEdit, any rich text system. It surprises me that so many users can be nonplussed by pasting rich text, when it is such a standard feature of all rich text systems everywhere; I guess I’m just used to working around this in all such apps as a necessary side effect of a rich text system. (I don’t mean that to sound patronising, by the way - I’m just genuinely surprised that users encounter an issue here in something they must have encountered in all other word processors, unless I’m missing something.) But the answer is just the same as I gave to the other user: Paste and Match Style. Or, if you want the formatting of the pasted text retained but normal formatting to resume afterwards, just hit a couple of returns and then paste above one of them. When you move the cursor after the last return again, it will use the formatting of the return character - the default formatting. I do that all the time when I’m pasting stuff into Mail or Pages or any other rich text app.

You can also use Copy Style and Paste Style in the Text menu to copy the style from some text that has the style you want and then paste it at the insertion point to carry on typing in that style.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks very much for your elaborate answer and the tips, Keith. I think I’ll go the “return - paste above” route you described. Will also give Paste and Match Style a try.

The thing is: I hardly ever use rich text apps! (apart from Scrivener)
So far I’ve done most of my writing in plain text editors (and been happy with them).

Thanks again for your help.