Way to display current project's file's path.

I made a post in technical and no one came up with a way to do this.

It would be really useful if there was a simple way to display the path of the current open document. Going to save as is not a reliable way to do this as it often opens some other folder where you may have been doing some other activity.

For example in Word 2007, going to prepare > properties, gives you details of the current file, including it’s location as a path on the disk.

Without this is makes it much harder to manage backups and versions.

If there is already a way to do this, please let me know and apologies for putting it here so quickly.

The only work around I can see to this is to run a search on your hard disk looking for project.scrivx files and then search for the one with the most up to date modified stamp - although this won’t work if you have more than one document open and indeed that was the problem I had originally.

Many thanks.

Sorry… have answered your query in the other post now…


Just to say Pigfender’s reply closes this issue for me, that’s exactly what I needed.

i.e. options (F12) and third check box down is display full path in title bar.

Great, many thanks.