Way to Insert Current Date?

Hi all,

I’ve created a template page, but would like to find a way when I do CTRL-T, CTRL-N to start a new section using my template that it puts in the current date automatically. For example, a header at the top of the page that will automatically have that day’s date.

I know that <$longdate> will work at the time of compile, or I could just do CTRL-F6 to insert it that way, but is there a way to have it automatically there whenever I create a new section based off of the template?

Thanks much!

There aren’t any evaluated placeholders with the document template system. Punching the Ctrl-F6 shortcut is probably the best solution for the job here.

Macros could be a solution, using something like AutoHotKey. You could create one shortcut that (a) does the Ctrl-T,Ctrl-N bit, then (b) Ctrl-F6 (you might need a Ctrl-Tab in there as well to get the cursor in the editor).

I know this is an old thread. Is it possible that there is a better solution for this now? (2020)