Way to Lock Corkboard or Outline view as a view?

Working on creating the structure of a highly structured book, I find myself wanting to stay in Corkboard or Outline view, even when there’s no subdocument to be displayed for the current Binder selection.

The current behaviour seems to show the Corkboard or Outliner, whichever was last selected, if the item is a folder (or per the Settings, a grouped document treated as a folder). I can also click the Corkboard or Outliner icon to force that view.

But if I click to another item in the Binder that isn’t a folder (or per Settings, treated like a folder), the view switches back to Document view.

I know there’s a way to Lock Group View Mode, but that forces a lock on an individual Binder group, and that’s not what this workflow needs. I need to stay in the Corkboard (or Outliner) until I’m done with it.

Is there a way to do this — to force the view to stay in the Corkboard or Outliner no matter what’s selected in the Binder?

If not, how about adding a “lock” capability to the views themselves. If this capability doesn’t exist, I imagine something like this:

 * Right-click on the Corkboard icon  (or any of the other view icons).
  • A drop-down menu shows a lock icon with the text Lock This View.

  • After clicking it, the view button changes to show a lock badge on it

  • The lock persists until the view is unlocked (right-click menu item) or a different view is locked.

Then, no matter what binder item is clicked, the locked view is retained. To end the lockage, one could either lock a different view, or right-click on the locked view and select Unlock This View.

(I haven’t explored the Layouts capability to see if that solves the problem. If it does, great, but I’m inclined to think it won’t.)

Having this capability would save a lot of unnecessary keystrokes if one is doing a lot of recursive outlining.



Ctrl-Shift-L is the shortcut to ‘lock in place’ if that’s any help ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I use it for a corkboard view on one split (locked) whilst navigating the other views according to my needs.