Way to "Show All" and "Grouped" Index Cards on Corkboard?

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When displaying the Corkboard, is there a way to toggle between “Showing All Index Cards” and “Show Grouped Cards” (which is the only mode my copy of Scrivener seems to display)?

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With a container selected, you can use Documents>Open>With All Subdocuments to show all the layers of items within the top folder, which I think is what you mean–normally, if you have Folder A containing document stacks B and C, opening A in the corkboard will only show the stacked index cards B and C. If you Open With All Subdocuments you will still see B and C as stacked index cards but you will also see all the cards for the subdocuments they contain as well as the stack for the containing folder A. In this view you can move cards into stacks (if you have drop-ons allowed in your preferences) but you can’t just move cards around arbitrarily.

To toggle between the views, you can use the keyboard shortcuts: Opt-Cmd-Shift-O will open the selected folder with all subdocuments on the current editor; Opt-Cmd-O will open it normally using the default view mode for that type (so if you’re already using corkboard for your your containers, it will use corkboard and you won’t have to change anything). You’ll need to have the focus in the binder (if you use the shortcut while you have a card selected on the corkboard, it would open that document rather than the whole containing folder), so you may also want to use the Move Focus To Binder shortcut Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-B. Or you can just use the mouse, if you’re a mouser. :wink:

Just to add to this, as MM points out, you can view the descendants inside a folder by using “Open with All Subdocuments” but, again as MM points out, it is really useful only for viewing the cards because:

There are obvious technical reasons for this limitation (with the hierarchy shown as a flat list there would be no logical way to translate any movements back into the hierarchy).

A better option if you want to move things around is usually to use “multiple folder” view. Select multiple folders in the binder to get this view:

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Very helpful suggestions and “How to…”.

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