Way to tell Scrivener Version/Platform for Scrivener 1/2 projects?

Hey all, long time user coming back to the fold. tl;dr version my question is, is there a way to look at the scriv/scrivx files, and determine if they were made with Scrivener 1/2/3 or Mac/PC?

I’ve been using Scrivener since I had to save up for a mac because it wasn’t on PC yet. So I have tons of different files created over the years in different versions of Scrivener (1, 2, 3) on different platforms (PC, Mac). And sometimes, when I open an older file with the latest software, not all of the material converts over, particularly images.

On reddit, there was a dead link back here talking about looking for an XML file, but I haven’t had luck searching the forums for the instructions on that.

I know opening all of the files and converting to the latest version is the easiest way to fix this moving forward, but I’m trying to recover the outlines and photos from previous versions.

The easiest thing to do is check the number in the “version.txt” file, found in the Files subfolder. If this number is less than 23 then it is safely either a version 2 Mac project or version 1 PC project. If there is no files subfolder, and no .scrivx for that matter, and everything is in a flat list then it is version 1 for Mac. In that case your best bet is to upgrade it to v2 for Mac using v2, and then upgrade that to v3, as the latter’s comprehension of this older format is limited. There has never been a good way of opening old v1 projects on a PC, because it made use of proprietary Mac formats.

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AmberV, thank you so much!