Way to view all notes at once?

I’m in the middle of editing a manuscript and have been making notes in inspector, along with the ones strewn all over my office. Is there any way to view all Inspector notes at the same time? This would be a great way for me to check and make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Have you tried this:

  1. Compile - un check everything in the compiler except for notes. You can leave the title in to know what the note is associated with. You can include any meta data you want, but for pure notes uncheck.
  2. Compile. This will give you an rif you can open of notes in word or scrivener or anywhere else.
  3. in your scrivener document create a folder labeled notes-import the file (drag and drop)
  4. split the screen open notes there and now you can read the notes and cross reference the data in the other half of the screen using the binder to navigate documents.

I know this is not what you are looking for, as I am hoping for some more control over notes in updated versions, but I think this is a reasonable work around.
Of course no note changes will be live, so if you make them you will have to repeat the process.
Good luck!

Thanks, I believe I’ll give your suggestions a try! :smiley: