Ways to see search results in the complete document...

I’m wondering if there is any way to see the search results where they actually occur in the document? If I were to search for a term, all of the results would show up individually in the left hand side but there is no way for me to see where specifically in the document they are… if that makes sense. Is there any way I can change this so it’ll be similar to the way Word searches a document (just hit find next and it will take me to the next instance of it…).


Yes, you can do this. There are basically two different kinds of searches in Scrivener:

  1. Editor-based search: works like what you describe in Word, you jump from one match to the next. You invoke this with Cmd-F. Once you have typed in a search term, you don’t even need that window open. Just hit Cmd-G to jump to the next match.
  2. Project search: as you are familiar with, you can get a list of everything in the project that has that term. Once you click on a result to view it, now you can start hitting Cmd-G to jump from one hit to the next.

One trick you can employ is to click on the “Search Results” header title itself. That will load the search result list in your editor. If you switch the editor to Scrivenings, now you can Cmd-G through the entire search list as though it were one document.