<$wc> Export?


Beta 4 is wonderful! Love all the additional export options and other new additions. Everything just keeps getting better.

However, I’m having problems with the <$wc> actually showing the word count in my exported RTF document. The <$W> works fine but the <$wc> doesn’t replace with the word count but stays with the text, “<$wc>”. The same thing happens if I export other projects including the NovelFormat.scriv example you provided for us.

Wondering if I missed something, did something wrong, or need to enable/configure something different to make this work.

Thanks again,

Nope, you’re not missing anything. This got messed up between beta 4 and beta 4.1! Sorry. There was a bug in beta 4 whereby the whole of the export draft process could hang. I spent a fevered evening trying to figure it out, and whilst testing I commented out the line that calls the code to replace all instances of the word and character counts with the actual counts, and I forgot to comment it back in again before releasing the update. So don’t worry, this is back in for beta 5, which should only be a week or two away (and I may release an intermediate beta with this fix, it depends on whether I get the time). And actually, this was kind of a good thing, because I realised that beta 4’s code was also counting annotations when using <$wc>, regardless of whether you had them stripped from the text or not, which is obviously not desirable, and this has also been fixed for beta 5.

Glad to know it wasn’t just me. I kept working with it thinking what am I missing. Now that I know it’s not there I’ll quit searching for it. :slight_smile: It’s not a big deal for now and I’ll look for it in Beta 5.

Glad you were also able to catch this in the process. :slight_smile: