We can help finish Version 3 with some simple Bug Report techniques.

I write this as someone who was trained in Software Testing and worked for Microsoft in testing for 3 years after 7 years in customer support.

Bug Report:
Which Beta? as we near the end (am guessing) we have THREE active betas 24,25,26 ALWAYS says which one you are in.
Include your OS Version.
If Windows 10 in the search bar next to start button type WINVER and open the Winver tool you will see are 4 digit versions like 1809.
Include that too.
Which Machine in particular Screen resolution. I work on an HP with a 4K screen.fonts behave differently.
If you right-click on the desktop and choose display settings you will see the resolution and a percentage. (This is important on visual bugs)

Test your bug on a new file vs your working project. The fact is that we have all been working on a BETA tool and some bugs affect file settings and formats. Even after the code has been fixed.

When it goes to release I will be taking some time to move my WIPs to clean files, so I don’t carry the effects of long fixed bugs with me. This is the burden of doing real work in Beta software.

Put in the exact steps:
Double click to open the file, vs opened the file from inside Scrivener are different.
If you changed screen mode, was it a toolbar, menu, or keystroke?.

Example report that would help team track what is going on.

Beta 99 - Butterflies appear on the screen.
Windows 10 version 1909
HP Ghost with 8K display at 300% Zoom

  1. Open Scrivner from Start Menu and create a new project from the new Novel template.(with icon in corner)
  2. Open Edit Menu and click Create Magic

Result Butterflies appear.
Does not happen with my projects just new files

Every minute they spent looking at a bug that is fixed or trying to understand a real bug, delays the project.
We can help be being very precise.

Thank you for this instruction.
I’ll try this to report.

wordjoy, thank you for posting this. Great suggestions.

Only thing I have to add is, a screenshot is worth a thousand words. People, please include screenshots if there’s any chance it’ll help communicate your issue.

I’m curious, what exactly do you mean by this? Manually resetting all of your preferences? Or creating a new project from scratch and dragging and dropping documents? Or copy/paste text + synopsis + inspector, etc.?


I’ll figure it out when it happens.
Will probably move drage and drop documents into a new document. See what comes over. Recreate metadata as needed. And then archive final version. Goal is to move my content to a project structure that is final. Settings etc.

Note that the Windows Scrivener 3 project format will not change, as it’s defined by compatibility with the Mac and iOS versions.