We CANNOT see your work

In the last 24 hours, I’ve answered three different queries from people who have lost their laptop or lost a hard drive and want to know if they can retrieve their work from us.

NO. You can’t. We don’t have it.
Literature & Latte does not maintain a “cloud” and has NO access to your work.

So please, for your own sake, arrange a backup to an external hard drive, a cloud service, or (preferably) both. Do it now, before you need it. (And if you already have, this would be a great time to check and make sure it’s working as expected.)


I second this.

You can get a free Dropbox account where you can keep your .scriv project files, and it will constantly be backed up.
If you don’t have a Time Machine drive connected - get one! Automatic hourly backups which you don’t have to arrange yourself.
Belt and braces - back up your most important files once in a while to a USB memory stick and keep it AWAY from your computer.

You can’t have too many backups.


I follow the 3-2-1 backup strategy: each file exists (at least) three times, on 2 separate media, and one of them is offsite.

I use Time Machine with a Time Capsule for regular backups of both laptops, and Carbon Copy Cloner plus an external hard drive for byweekly additional backups, and I store the hard drive somewhere else.

There is no such thing like “too many backups”. Never.