Weak and Loved: A Mother-Daughter Love Story

Weak and Loved: A Mother-Daughter Love Story by Emily Cook

A few months ago I was asked by Emily to preview her book and write a review. What a privilege! And now the book is ready for sale.

Emily Cook is wife to Pastor Josh Cook (Lutheran) and mother of six children under the age of 9. She writes about the experiences of her second oldest, Aggie. It was a time of abundant, noisy blessings for Emily Cook. Five children energetically consumed her food, her time, and her heart. Then, in the fall of 2008, this happy life was shattered by a deafening silence. Bouncy four-year-old Aggie was stopped in her tracks by a seizure—the first of many.

Here is my mini-review from the back cover:

My full review is here: exegete77.wordpress.com/2012/01/ … mily-cook/

Enjoy this book!