Web Archives fail to import

I have found that in recent months most (about 75% I’d estimate) web pages fail to import as web archives. I am using Scrivener 1.53 and Snow Leopard.

I can get web archives into Scrivener by saving them from Safari and then dragging the file directly into Scrivener. But Scrivener is unable to import most pages through the usual means (by dragging a web page icon directly from a browser into Scrivener, or by using the URL directly.

These are not secure pages I am trying to import. Most of them are regular HTML pages. And I don’t think this limitation was as bad a few months ago. What changed? Do you think future Scrivener updates will improve this?


Nothing has changed in this regard, and I’ve had no other reports of such problems. Could you provide some examples of URLs that fail to import?