web-kit / web-browser

As Scrivener already makes use of the web-kit (for webpage imports), I was wondering, if there are any plans to integrate a full-blown browser page into Scrivener (i.e., including forward/backward buttons, url-address bar). This would be extremely helpful for integration of resources I access through web-based solutions (such as Google Docs, literature references from journals, etc.). Obviously I don’t know really how hard it would be to implement this, but I figure, since I can use half of these features already (based on a web-import as a starting page), it shouldn’t involve too much extra work? It might seem minor, but having an “active” browser would greatly increase the efficacy of this feature of Scrivener IMHO. Scrivener has now become the center of my academic writing (together with Journler, Papers, Mellel, Bookends, and Google Docs). So this would be most, most welcome!

Hi jkr, I’m afraid there are no such plans, no. There is a reason that there are dedicated browser programs such as Safari, Camino etc - dedicated web browsers have to deal with a lot more than just viewing web pages. For instance, special links such as downloads requiring a download manager, plugins, favourites, and all sorts of things. Adding web browser functionality to Scrivener would involve dedicating lots of time and resources to something that other programs will always do better, and for which Scrivener was never designed.
All the best,

Thanks Keith for clearing that up. What you provide now in Scrivener is already working very well, so again thanks for providing this amazing tool for writers on the Mac!