Web Link Doesn't Work

I’ve been trying to add a web link to a research document but it seems to just not do anything. I can create a link to another document successfully, but after I add the URL to the web link field and tap done, the app simply closes the dialog box and no link is created. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

Have you tried a few different URLs? Maybe it’s a problem with that specific one. Also what procedure are you using to add the URL—cursor on an empty line, five words selected, five thousand words selected, cursor in between two words—that sort of stuff. The devil is in the details when it comes to bugs.

I did some more investigating per your advice, it seems to be something directly linked to this URL: blog.myheritage.com/2011/07/span … nventions-–-part-1-the-basics/

The URL works of pasted directly into a browser but the app isn’t accepting it for some reason. Other URLs seem to work, doesn’t seem to matter what document I’m in or how many words are selecting. Any other advice on what to test?

Edit: something is funny with how the forum is displaying the URL, in case it is relevant in leaving it as is above


Edit 2: maybe the triple hyphen in the URL breaks something?

In fact those aren’t all even hyphens, that’s the problem (and it makes the URL technically invalid). The one in the middle is an en-dash. It appears that for whatever reason the site is using this punctuation in their URL, so it’s not a matter of changing them to real hyphens (you’ll get a page error if you try). A safer way of storing and using URLs is with encoded special characters, like so:


Fascinating! So even though it is a bad URL the browser is still able to parse it but other software struggles with it. thanks for your help!