web links - how do I copy url?


I have been trying to figure this out and searching the manual and this site to no avail. Let’s say I import a web page in scrivener.

How can I easily copy and paste the link of that webpage into a document? I can use scrivener links, but I want the actual link to the web page. The original link is nowhere I can find (not in the Inspector). It shows up at the bottom, but it is clickable, not copy & pasteable.

When you click on the link it loads in a browser, and then you can copy and paste the URL from the browser’s URL field.

as a request for a future feature, it would be nice if the URL was also available as a data field in the Inspector sidebar. Having to load the URL fully is a pain: often all I want to do is grab the URL link to embed in text.

We agree! It’s already on the list of things to do. It is particularly more important when you import and convert the page to text so that it can be edited or annotated. When you do that, there is no URL in the footer as it is a normal document. So having the URL in the References pane of the inspector is the way to go.