Web page cache

I often use Scrivener at a coffee shop where there is no Internet access. Is there a way to increase the cache for the Web Pages so that I can view those pages without an Internet connection? Is that a function of Scrivener or Safari?

Safari’s cache is actually based in a set of folders and there is not a limit like the old days but is rather more dynamic.

What you can try is using the SAVE AS feature of Safari and choose WEB ARCHIVE as the format. This is like an “offline” copy of the page. Then you can view them as you like or even drop them (web Archives) into Scrivener for later viewing.

WHat I like doing is “Printing” a webpage but isntead of printing I use the SAVE AS PDF feature and save pages as PDFS so I can read them (pdfs) about anywhere and also on different devices and operating systems with little effort.

Hope that helps