Web Page Import - Keyboard Shortcut Closes All Windows

Up until today, I could import web pages to my research folder with ⌥⌘-W. Now, for some reason, that combination closes all of my Scrivener windows, and I have to reopen my project. Do you know of a way to re-assign that combination to the import function in Scrivener? I’ve tried adding it to the App Shortcuts, but I must not be using the right menu title.


We discovered this one as well and removed the shortcut for now to avoid the conflict. Opt-Cmd-W appears to be a system provided shortcut for closing all windows, even if it isn’t listed as such in the main File menu. It doesn’t always malfunction, but it does often enough to be annoying. As for making your own, make sure you are typing in the precise menu name in the system preferences tool. It needs to be, Web Page... with the three dots.

Aha! I was missing the three dots. I’ve got it remapped now.

Thanks for your help!