Web page import MHT

Web page import in MHT format doesn’t show the website page in Scrivener ?
I see only a link in the centrer of a blank page…

That’s correct, we added MHT as a supported format so that people could start using this if they want the best experience in the future, but for right now, it’s not possible to display them in the editor. We need to upgrade Scrivener to the next version of the programming toolkit that it is written with, which is, as you can probably imagine, a massive undertaking. So MHT will be something you can display in the future, so go right ahead and use it if you want. You’ll just need to put up with a little inconvenience for the time being. You may have noticed, all you need to do is click that link in the middle to load the MHT in a browser.

If you need to view the imported webpage directly in Scrivener’s editor, try using one of the PDF options instead–the default PDF via Webkit usually works well, but there are a few options if you find it’s having trouble on a particular page. In the Import/Export settings of Tools > Options, you can choose the default import setting for webpages.

Thank you for your explanation. Can you give us an idea on when this will be fixed? Thank you.

As Ioa said, this is dependent on Scrivener’s framework being upgraded, so it will be part of the next major version. That’s in the works, but we won’t have any announcements about timing until we’re much closer to a release. In the meanwhile you can just ignore the MHT option if you need the in-editor viewing and stick with PDF import, or even just copy and paste from webpages depending on your needs.

Thank you. I have found that if I “print” the page as a pdf and import it as a file, it looks great and is workable.