Web page import worries

Using the “import web page” option under the +new, when you do import that url:
are you essentially copying the entire contents of that page as a static, free-standing copy? Is the material that’s been copied now firmly copied such that should that web page be edited or disappear entirely, I still have the earlier content I copied?
Obviously, I’m concerned about losing the info content I’ve painstakingly researched (medicolegal concepts).
[I’m reasonably facile with Scrivener though certainly not a techie or expert. Would this be the same as saving a webpage as a HTML or webarchive file and opening it in a browser window?]
Thanks in advance for guidance.

This is answered pretty handily in the Scrivener Manual (§8.1.3 under "Viewing Web Pages): “The web view displays archived web pages, which will in most cases be a preserved copy of the page at the time it was imported. Even if the page changes live, or is subsequently removed, your copy will be safely stored.”

I hope that sets your mind at ease!