Web page imported into Research only partially visible

Contex:Lion 10.7.1, Scrivener 2.1 (13594)
Even though I’m a Scrivener newbye I can smoothly import web pages into the Resarch folder of the binder by clicking on file->import-> web page. Now with this url
I’m facing a problem. The text of the web page is only partially visible because at its very beginning it is masked by a black rectangle (see
dl.dropbox.com/u/2025815/Scherma … .17.20.png).
What’s the matter with that page?
Please help

Hi Victor,

I’m not entirely sure why that page is doing that, but it seems to be a general problem with that page. When Scrivener imports web pages, internally it uses the WebKit to store them as .webarchive files, using the same code as Safari. And indeed, you’ll see the same problem if you save that page from Safari - try opening the page in Safari, then use File > Save As…, save it as a Web Archive, then try double-clicking on the .webarchive file that gets saved in the Finder - you will see the black box appears there too.

My suggestion is to turn the page into text. Once it’s imported into Scrivener, select it in the binder and use Documents > Convert > Web Archive to Text. This will convert it to a text document and get rid of the black box.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

If it’s available in Safari, you can use the “reader” function (look in the URL bar to see if there’s a Reader button). If that works, you’ll have a nice, clean version of the web page’s content, and if you hover your mouse at the bottom of the page, you’ll see icons to save to your downloads folder as a PDF.

I’ve found that I prefer those PDFs to most webarchives.