Web pages import issues

Of various multiple kinds…

I’m a TV writer (MS Vista) trying out the software as a kind of brainstorming/project development journal, attracted by the ability to throw down chunks of words and sketches and organise them as I gingerly creep towards outlining (for which I use a different program - the outline and script layout functions in Scrivener are less versatile than programs I use already, and corkboards don’t do it for me).

I particularly like being able to split the screen and display a research doc at the same time as notes. HOWEVER - the web page import is clunky and has crashed the program several times. Click and drag a page from a Firefox the address bar to the binder doesn’t result in anything. Using Ctrl+Shft+W to “Import as image” comes up with a poor, pixelated result, “Import as plain text” inserts very peculiar symbols into the text, and “Import as HTML (text only)” has repeatedly crashed the program as it locks at about 84% with several different kinds of web pages, including basic “printable” versions, as does “Import as pdf”. “Import as Dynamic Web” works perfectly each time, but it’s not an option I’d use much as it relies on a live web connection.

The most reliable method I’ve found is Copy/Pasting the web page first into Notepad, and then into Scrivener, which is a pain in the arse. Anybody out there with any tips?

I noticed another forum entry suggesting a bookmarking/conversion add-on for Firefox, which would be fantastic. The idea of being able to grab fragments of info on the fly and be able to riff notes in Scrivener immediately would make the program much more useful to me (yes onenote, yes evernote, but their text editing capabilities aren’t what I need). As it is, I’m wondering if the Browser->Notepad->Scrivener hopscotch is going to make Scrivener too much of a fiddle for me to be wholly comfortable with using it as a notebook/sketch pad.

Hi fabart, I’m playing around with web page import features too and will let you know what my results are. Maybe there’s a workaround for a few of your problems.

This also might in the works as far as a program update goes so don’t give up on it just yet. :smiley:

Thanks, Chris

i’m having troubles too.

i’m demo-ing scrivener – on day 8 – and am mostly happy, but for one big problem: the Web page import is really clunky, slow and unstable. It can take 10s of seconds, or up to a minute, for a page to load. Quite often “chunks” of the web pages are duplicated, especially ads.

any links to older threads dealing with this – i checked but didn’t see much? recommendations, fixes or workarounds? is this something that can be debugged in future versions? many thanks, adam