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Yes, written and published in 1945. Some credit him with inventing hypertext.

Well Amber…What can i say?.. This is a link to an article on a scientist who is “USING EEG TO SEND TWEET”. The system works by monitoring electroencephalography – or EEG – which is the electrical activity produced on the scalp by the movement of neurons within the brain.

It is called a BCI (Brain Computer Interface) :slight_smile:


Some few of us not-quite-Luddites, having been ridiculed for not modernizing our lives with Twitter and Tweet, begin to have doubts about Darwin. That is not to minimize the value of the underlying technology, but to question the value of its contemporary application.

The technological imperative – “we can do it, therefor we ought to do it” – frequently trumps spiritual and emotional considerations, not to mention common sense. The former New York Times columnist Russell Baker, deploring the development of car phones, pointed out that the primary function of the automobile was to get you away from the telephone.