Web Porting: content to website

Hi, trying to bring on line scrivener’s content.
Its a guide, so I’m looking to replicate a collapsable binder panel on the left with page on the right.
A big plus if the content can be updated directly from scrivener exporting in html.

Any one has a starting point about this? A plugin to connect scrivener and worpress?


Would you like me to move this question to the usage forum? Most users do not go through the tech support forums looking for conversations. You would have a better chance of running into some web developers over there. But on that matter, the concepts of creating an outliner in a web page are probably something you’ll get better help with on a forum that is filled with web programmers and designers. I’d also take a look at AJAX and jQuery, those are popular programming kits for assembling complex web page presentation.

As for the question directly related to Scrivener, there are multiple ways of generating HTML content. There are basic tools in the Edit/Copy Special/ sub-menu, as well as extensive compilation options, and an entire markup system is integrated (MultiMarkdown) that is especially useful for generating web content. Which to choose depends upon what you are doing. The markup route will provide the cleanest HTML code, so it tends to work best with pre-built web pages that you do not directly design yourself, like Wordpress. These have canned stylesheets, and you are expected to drop in HTML that is devoid of all inline formatting. Most of Scrivener’s HTML output is geared toward the opposite expectation, where the editor and compiler formatting is intended to be expressed in the page itself.