Web services for Scrivener

If I could stipulate all the things I love about Scrivener, the one thing for me that would increase its awesomeness is if there were a way of accessing documents via Web app. This has been discussed before in the context of collaboration, and of course everyone continues to drool over iOS-native Scrivener, but being able to get to my own files through a browser and a service like DropBox would help me out immensely. I’ve found my ChromeBook very useful and use it to take notes in Evernote, but getting to my scrivenings would be fabulous.

Just a thought, and thanks to KB and the team for a fabulous product.

Also, belated thanks to KB for explaining the software dev process on the blog re iOS. Really informative.

What about syncing with Simplenote and using its web interface to edit documents from the Chromebook?

I don’t have a Chromebook, so I don’t know how useful Simplenotes is from one, but the sync procedure is described in Chapter 13 of the Scrivener docs. It might be worth a try, on a sample project, to see if that might work with your workflow.

You can also sync documents within your project to external folders - which can be in Dropbox. This isn’t something I have done (I used the SimpleNote method) but if you check the forums you’ll see plenty of people have tried it.

Like the SimpleNote method, this approach is explained in Chapter 13 of the manual.

Odd timing - I saw this article yesterday about a web app called Draft, to enable people to edit files across the web, and it can allegedly be synced with Scrivener:

cultofmac.com/291161/draft-s … e-writing/